One Bold Action Step = Awesome

So much is happening so fast, that I haven’t had a moment to update you on what IS going on.  People are curious.  That’s what happens when something awesome happens.  So, although the site is still something I’m working on, and this isn’t really the place where I want to share “updates” like this, it seems appropriate to share with you what’s been happening.

Since announcing ownyourawesome I’ve had so many people, so excited! I sense it’s big.  My sense is I don’t even know how big yet.  And it’s coming, I can feel that.

Tomorrow, is the first of many photo shoots with my good friend and amazing photographer Jodi to get some great shots for the website.  It’s just a place to start.  She has some great ideas and I’ve got pink boxing gloves.  Let’s see what we can do with that.

Monday, I have a meeting with a friend who also happens to be a communications specialist, who has offered to write a bio for me since I’m going to need one.  She wants to be involved in any aspect of ownyourawesome that’s how excited she was when she read about it.

After sending the original announcement to a woman who gave me my very first opportunity to speak at an event, she replied within moments of reading it and invited me to speak about it at an event on August 31st as well as at a conference in March!  I’m already booked for March!  Who knows what could happen by then!

Last Friday, I “hired” my Executive Director for Camp Awesome.  She is a dear friend, a mum, a huge lover of children, a former teacher, and someone who has dreamed of running her own summer camp.  It’s amazing what comes out of having passionate conversations with people.  She is such a gift.  We have our very first focus group scheduled for September 22nd with adults who are amazing at what they do, in regards to working with children and awesome related things.  Originally, I thought Camp Awesome would have to wait, and then my new Executive Director appeared.

I may not entirely have the long term vision, or what this is going to look like once it’s fully evolved, and despite not knowing, I may feel fear, and on occasion, doubt, and where we’d often normally let the fear or the doubt lead the pack and stop, this matters to me more than the fear.  It just feels right.  So I’m going t with it. I am setting up meetings, creating plans, meeting with people, ordering merchandise, researching government grants, looking for property, all because of an epiphany and because it feels right.

Speaking of which, I ordered business cards (and one pen).

So the lesson in this thus far…one bold action step in front of the other, no matter what.

Chris Guillebeau, I believe you and the other awesomeness I discovered at WDS may have just altered the course of my life.

go be awesome



  1. I think you need a President of Awesome too!!!! love it

  2. Ambassador is even BIGGER than the President. 🙂

  3. I love the warp speed with which you are taking ownyourawesome into its future or it is taking you! The Universe is obviously so behind this, Rita, and plenty of human beings too. I’m in — well — awe. 🙂

    • Carol! You’re awesome! I actually feel like the Universe has just been waiting for me to get it together. It’s amazing how quickly everything is coming together. And although my photo shoot got cancelled for today due to a scheduling conflict, I know it’ll happen. It will all happen. And in the meantime, I just make it work. roll with it. It’s been an amazing experience for me because this is not usually how I do things. AND you know what’s even more awesome? So many people pulling me forward. And already excited about this future. That makes a HUGE difference! thanks so much for being one of those people! youareawesome

  4. So awesome! So happy for you, and that you are taking charge of your awesomeness to help make the world more awesome! 🙂 Now that’s a lot of awesome…

  5. This is all so exciting. To be in on the ground floor (so to speak) of a life-changing realization that has the potential to touch millions of lives. And yes, it’s so true that “a journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step.” And you are well on your way! Peace.

    • Indeed. I love that. Thank you for reminding me that it’s just one step at a time. One bold action step at a time. I forget that day to day…and it’s helpful to continue to get the reminders.

  6. Wow! wow! Wow! Rita, I’m impressed, in awe, excited, happy and so thrilled for you. You will rock the world, there is no doubt. You’ll touch many lives and you will definitely change this world. You’re incredible.

  7. Oh and if you’re still interested in having me be part of whatever your grand scheme is, I’d LOVE to help out in any way I can. I love your mission and I know that you and I have very similar goals. I’d love to work with you in the future. 🙂

  8. Oh yeah, count me in. Don’t need details. Just count me in!

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