Our Greatest Weakness Could Be Our Biggest Strength

awesome takes practice

“If you’re not scared, you’re not taking a chance. And if you’re not taking a chance, then what the hell are you doing?”

This past weekend, I spent a lot of time thinking about what kinds of things make us cool. What does being cool even really mean?  Is it cool that I had plans on Friday night? Is it less cool that those plans included sweats, a hoodie, a big mug of tea and some girlie chatting with a friend? Does that suddenly make me “lame” in the eyes of all those who did something “cool” on Friday night?

Is it cool that I love movies where lots of things get blown up and there are car chases and such? I saw Olympus as Fallen on Saturday with my man, and I was completely enthralled by it. In the wake of the horrible world events this past week, it may not have been the most appropriate film for me to see, but you know what? I loved it. Does that mean I’m cool? Or does it mean I’m less sensitive to the plight of all those people impacted by the events of the past week which then makes me a horrible person? Or, does it just mean I went to a movie on Saturday and I really liked it?

Being cool can also mean being “macho”…keeping your cool, not letting others see you sweat. If you’re nervous, don’t let anyone know. Try to stop sweating, if you’re one of those people who sweats when you get nervous. If you’re scared, oh Lord..make sure no one can see your bottom lip trembling, or your hands shaking. Does it mean I’m not cool if I’m trembling and shaking? Or does it simply mean I’m scared?

Being cool, also means being stingy with our feelings.  Expressing how we feel can sometimes be an uncomfortable thing. What if we’re rejected?  What if the object of our expression laughs in our faces? That is so not cool.  It’s far cooler to let the people in your life express to YOU how they feel about you. That’s gotta feel good right? That’s gotta make you feel awesome. Yes? Well…imagine you’re that person. The one who is constantly sharing with you, how they experience you, through their eyes and heart. How amazing you are, and how grateful they are to have met you, and that they love you.

Only to have you not acknowledge their expression. Or their words. Is it cool to simply ignore what they are saying and say something totally random instead? Or better still, to complain about something that might be wrong? It’s much cooler, isn’t it, to talk about how tired you are, or how much pain you’re in from one thing or another. Than to genuinely and generously accept what your loved one’s are sharing with you, what they want you to know. The heartfelt words they choose to share, because sharing makes a difference in the relationships in your life, and because the words, come straight from their hearts. While you sit, perhaps uncomfortably, not knowing what to say…so you say nothing.

That my friends, is one of those things that anyone can do. Anyone can be cool, and aloof and stand -offish in regards to their feelings and/or expressing them. If you were to ask, you might even find that the majority of the population live their lives like that every day.

So. Now. Let me ask you this. Do you think that if you were to actually hear what the other person was saying, and respond appropriately…that it might make all the difference to your relationship with them? Do you think it’s possible that it might even make your relationship better? Or bring you closer? What if it were the very thing to make the world a better place? What if the kinder you were to the people in your life, the more you shared how important they were to you, or the more you were willing to be vulnerable with the people in your life, by sharing your love, the love that’s in your heart anyway, can you see that it would have a huge impact on how the world works?

Imagine the butterfly effect that would have on other people in the world?

You may think I’m talkin’ smack, but you have no way of knowing if what I say isn’t true. Maybe being cool isn’t what’s cool anymore. Maybe being willing to be vulnerable, being willing to share and express your feelings towards your fellow human beings, is just the thing this world needs to work a little bit better.

And do you know what that is?

That right there…is what I’d call…Awesome.

So go. Share. Tell someone you love them. See how their face lights up.

“The greatest weakness of most humans is their hesitancy to tell others how they love them while they’re alive.” ~ Optimus Prime