About ownyourawesome

“you’re awesome because you say so.”

So often we’re not willing to stand up and be remarkable. We worry about what others will think of us rather than do    what feels right.  More people are starting their sentences with “I’ve always wanted to…” but aren’t actually doing what they’ve always wanted to do.  More and more people are using expressions like “One day I’ll get there…” or “someday I hope to..” (one day and some day are not futures worth living for!)

We want to be living the life of our dreams, totally fulfilled and fully alive, and yet we don’t even believe it’s possible.  We’ll spend our lives working at jobs we don’t love, our dreams not being fulfilled, happiness not the first thing we feel when we wake up. Some may venture off and change the world, while the rest of us live vicariously through. We’ll want for things, but we’ll continue to be too scared, or uninspired to go and get those things.  We will continue to believe that we suck, just because someone once told us so, and we will continue to use sentences that start with “I’ve always wanted to do…” but never do them.

So…what if something else were possible?




  1. You are awesome!
    Love this! I am in alignment with your idea!
    My awareness of my awesomeness is largely due to Isagenix & Landmark Education.
    I’d enjoy a conversation about the topic of awesomeness if you have time.

    • Hi Roy. Thank you for stopping by and reading! AND for being aligned in my idea. Funny enough, I’m very familiar with both Landmark Education AND Isagenix. For many years now. 🙂 All the more reason to have a conversation. Please feel free to email me at either ownyourawesome@hotmail.com or on the Facebook page which I think you’ve just visited. I look forward to it.


  1. […] I said, “Self, it’s time to stop resisting. It’s time to remember your intention. It’s time to get on with owning your awesome!”  […]

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